Exploring Asanas

This blog is a nod to the dedication of fellow Iyengar Yoga teachers and our mentors.

Spending time together exploring more challenging asanas (poses), building asanas and different ways to assist those unable to reach the full pose...which includes many of us.

Playfulness within these asanas, being willing to let go of expectations and find the lightness of mind. Including ‘on the way poses’ to give a student a sense of achievement…remembering inclusivity on all levels during a time when the whole world feels to have forgotten.

Recently the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada (IYAC) held a virtual Professional Development workshop for Canadian Iyengar teachers and apprentices. The collaborative nature of the workshop was a salve for my soul. As Canadian yoga slowly reemerges after essentially being locked down for the past two years, the light hearted exchange of ideas was both fun and energizing.

There was talk of offering more of these types of workshops, I for one, will look forward to the collaboration and wisdom shared. I encourage fellow teachers to join in, always the more the merrier. Acknowledging the amount of work all those involved graciously contributed to making this event a success, I thank you.


Creating a healthier body can be overwhelming...

Taking one moment at a time to relieve an ache or pain can make a goal more achievable, and worth your time.

Wishing you great health, Tanya


Tanya is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher based out of Abbotsford, BC Canada. She has been teaching since 2015, online since March 2020. Her greatest joy is being able to help discover movement.

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