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Love Tanya’s yoga classes! She is patient with each person and meets them where they are at physically. Making the adjustments with different props, so everyone’s needs are met. She is patient and always pleasant making the class a Joy to attend.
I would highly recommend Tanja’s yoga class!
After many rounds of medical treatments my body was depleted, weakened and also eager to see strength and flexibility return. My neighbour invited me to Tanya's Iyengar yoga class and I'm so so so glad she did! Tanya's capacity to multitask among the needs of each student has amazed me. Recovery and strengthening takes time. She's willing to walk that out with you. Thank you Tanya. My strength and my joy continues to rebound!
Heather N
My husband and I have been going to Tanya and then Bent Mat Yoga for several years. The atmosphere is relaxed and light hearted. The workouts are geared towards your specific ability and/or limitations with the use of several props. Tanya is so very professional and has a world of knowledge! She is not only generous, compassionate and helpful but goes out of her way to ensure you succeed in each and every pose. We won’t go to another yoga studio after experiencing Bent Mat!
Tanis Lockert
It has been a pleasure having Tanya join our residents and introducing them to her yoga classes.
Tanya is patient, thoughtful, and is excellent at communicating how to get the most out of every movement regardless of ability.
Our folks love her cheerful presence and look forward to her time with us.
Maplewood Care Society
What I like best:  Her openness to work with any and all limitations. Flexibility of time slots available and her overall knowledge of the field. I have had remarkable improvement in my overall health and energy, flexibility and strength, reduction of pain as I am someone who deals with arthritis and she has taught me much to manage my pain and take preventative measures which I will work on maintaining for years to come.
Warm and personable, comes equipped appropriately every class.
Clayton Cameron
Soowahlie First Nation
At this moment she is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this, but I mean it. I am not a person who gives unwarranted praise but Tanya’s enthusiasm for life, people, and yoga shine through from her soul. I have taken numerous classes with Tanya over the years, she has also taught me in many private sessions and she has always encouraged me in my growth and strengthened my learning.
I also joyfully entrusted her with my daughter in kids yoga then teen yoga.
In all these years I have felt blessed to know her and her brilliance!
Thank you, Tanya.
Kimberley Stevens
Tanya’s classes are a MUST TRY!!!
I am in my mid forties and started getting aches in my shoulder and hip - ugh.
I live a heathy active life and so when I heard that Tanya’s yoga may be able to help strengthen and align my joints I gave her class a try virtually.... BEST DECISION EVER!!!
Was an hour of focused, patient and fun yoga poses specifically tailored to my achie joints.
Tanya makes huge efforts to work with items within my home instead of buying expensive yoga props helping me with poses right in my living room.
It’s not magic and it’s not an instant fix but Tanya’s classes have truly helped me.
Katia Stano
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