Bent Moment - calf and heel pain

Updated: May 20

Tight calves can be a real pain…

Foot cramps, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, calf cramps can all be caused by tight calf muscles. Runners, sport enthusiasts or even if you wear high heel shoes, your calves are going to love you for this stretch. As I say to my students when we practice this in class: hate me now, love me later…this can just be one of those kind of stretches.

Remember to also drink a glass of water, muscle cramps can be caused by dehydration.

I have seen some people do a similar pose while standing on a stair edge; and while I agree you can certainly stretch the calf muscle in this manner, there is no where near as much control, and therefore relief, as practicing with the following support…

You will need something of equal and firm height to place under the balls of the feet (* ie. yoga blocks, thick hardcover books, our daughter uses a curb when out and she needs this stretch) and something stable you can pull yourself towards (ie. couch, kitchen counter, half wall) *unfortunately, canned foods do not work for height, modern cans collapse under the weight