Bent Moment - hands & wrists

Our hands - such an important aspect of our life and we use them a lot!

This week's blog is as a request, if you have a particular area you want to work, let me know…

Pain in the hands and wrists can come from overworking the area, repetitive stress, inflammation, osteoarthritis and the more serious, while recovering from a break or fracture. How do we get relief into such a tight knit area? Direct blood and oxygen to where it is needed to heal. On a side note, practicing these stretches will benefit discomfort in the arms, elbows and starts to access the shoulders. Hydration needs to be mentioned here as well, without proper hydration, your hands are likely to hurt eventually - go drink that glass (or two) of water.

There are a multitude of ways to direct blood where we need it to go and only so much we can touch on in a blog post, but these are the basics

Check in with the mobility of your hands and wrists:

Place your palms together in front of your chest, pressing the base of the palms into each other, and bring the wrists down in line with the elbows (keep the chest b