Bent Moment - neck tension

Lengthening the back of the neck can release neck tension and mild headaches

There have been a couple tech heavy days for me as I revamped my webpage to accept online bookings and payments. And while this is exciting for me on a business level, my neck muscles are paying the price.

As I begin to daydream on releasing my own neck, I thought what better option to share with you. Time to walk away from the computer...or book... or whatever is causing the crick in your neck.

  • Get yourself a towel of decent size, or firm blanket

  • Roll it up tightly, burrito style, to approximately 12"+ length and 4 - 4 1/2" diameter

  • Find the base of the skull, below the occipital bones - this is where the 'roll' will be placed

  • Lie down on a firm surface, placing the roll below the occipital bones, lengthening the back of the neck away from the shoulders

  • Take the outer upper arms down to the floor, lifting the front of the armpits up away from the floor

  • Legs can remain bent or straighten them