Bent Moment - sacrum & hip release

Releasing the lowest part of the spine

Tightness around the sacrum can radiate into hip pain.

Learn how to access the muscles around the lowest area of the spine, creating space and movement to find relief. Hip replacement patients should be particularly cautious attempting this type of rotation, see assistance below.

First step, checking in with your current mobility:

  • Lie down, face down, on a firm surface

  • Bend one leg, bringing that knee in line with the hip, out to the side (don’t hike the hip up)

  • Pressing into your hands with bent arms, rotate your chest and abdomen away from the bent leg

  • Extend the arm on the same side of the bent leg forward (this lengthens the side torso, work on lengthening that hip towards the extended foot)

  • Lengthen the inner thigh of the bent leg towards the inner knee, and that side’s buttock down to the floor - don't grip the buttock

  • Repeat on the other side

Finding the right height for you, height under the bent leg helps you to access